Vertical Resources, is a accounting and tax educational company

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Vertical Resources

Vertical Resources, is a accounting and tax educational company.  Vertical Resources offers bookkeeping training, and accounting training.  The training is generally focused on bookkeepers and staff accountants that work for privately held / small companies.  VR provides training in the basic concepts of bookkeeping and accounting, but also provides bookkeeping and accounting training in Quick Books PC and Online version and Xero.

Vertical Resources also owns  Tax is a smart phone application that assists users with reminders of important tax filing due dates, provides assistance on a variety of tax, accounting and business problems, and also provides weekly tax, accounting and business topics.  The accounting, tax and business content is primarily focused to benefit privately held companies or small business.  Check out and download the application.  You can put the logo next to it.

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Important topics that cover tax discussions for all types of business formations.

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Please contact us using the information below. For additional information on our management consulting services, please visit the appropriate page on our site.

  • 1401 Dove Street Suite 630 Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • T: 949-756-8080

    F: 949-258-5239


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